Music has been my source of strength during this pandemic. It important that we capture this moment in history, so I have added this page to share how music has continued to provide strength during this particular season of life.

These recordings are not perfect BUT they are absolutely full of love and intention. I hope these recordings provide you with happiness and bring you peace. 

I will always cherish these recordings because they are as real and honest as music can be. They were recorded on my husband's IPhone with earbuds and a mic that made it *harder* to sing while being true to the colors and volume of my singing voice. This pandemic has revealed the musicians' heart. Willing to make music despite the challenges we face. 

For the past five months, I have not physically sang at my church or in the performance spaces I call home. So. I sing in my living room. I sing in my basement. I sing in my colleague's beautiful backyard. I've even made some beautiful recordings in my bathroom.The music is never silenced. And we can go forward with confidence, knowing nothing will ever silence the music within.

Special thanks to Peter Douglas and Dr. Cara Chowning for such beautiful collaborations. These recordings served as special music for virtual church services and the annual Ball State School of Music Voice Faculty and Friends recital.